Cascade Quad Squad ATV Riders Club




                                                               RECENT  RIDES

 Feb        1... Sheep Company...8 riders..40 miles

Dec      14... Hanging Tree....12 riders....47 miles




                                           Fall Ride


CQS had its' annual Fall Ride on Saturday, November 16th. The event was a huge success with a turnout of 27 machines and 33 riders.  Members met at 9:00 am at BBQ Flat for bagels and doughnuts. Tim, Ken and Chuck led rides beginning at 10 am and the groups were out on the trails until about 3 pm  .  The weather was pleasant for riding and the trails were in excellent condition.





                                                 WINTER DINNER  

Fifteen club members enjoyed the club's eighth annual  Winter Dinner on Saturday, January 11. Dinner was at the Sea Galley with prime rib and prawns as the special. The club purchased the dessert and a good time was had by everyone. 




                                     SUMMER CAMPOUT AND BBQ

Our annual summer campout and ride was held in the Ahtanum on Saturday, Aug. 19th. Thirty - one club members enjoyed the ride up over Darland  Mountain.  There were a few shorter rides after lunch. The roads/trails were very dusty but the riders all had a good time. A few folks rode up just for the dinner and a total of 37 members enjoyed the dinner catered by Famous Dave's. 



                        CQS VOLUNTEERS WORK ON THE GREY ROCK 

On Saturday, June 11, twenty-four CQS volunteers met at Tree Phones to clear trail on the Grey Rock. The workers broke into four small work groups and went out on the trail to clear brush and remove deadfall timber. At noon the crews reconvened back at Tree Phones for lunch and then went out again to continue the maintenance work. Lunch and soft drinks were provided via a grant that the club received from the Extreme Terrain off road group.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this effort to assist the DNR in the trail maintenance program.




                                                              SPRING RIDE / CAMPOUT

The club held its Annual Spring Ride and Camp Out on June 1. The event was a huge success. There were 18 machines  and a total of  22 riders. The group broke into two smaller groups for the rides. Tim led a group to Moon Rocks/ Funny Rocks and Ken led a group over the 1720 route.  

The riders enjoyed a great dinner of pulled pork and all the fixings at 5:00 back at the base camp. There  were chips, salads, veggies  etc. The meal was fantastic !!!!

Several folks stayed and camped over and then headed home on Sunday.. A fun time was had by all...





                                 EXTREME TERRAIN HELPS OUT


The Cascade Quad Squad has been awarded a Clean Trail Grant to help offset expenses of our upcoming trail work. The grant is sponsored by Extreme Terrain, a nationally recognized Off Road Outfitter company. Our club is most appreciative of the financial assistance, and we are pleased to partner with Extreme Terrain in this cleanup effort. The funds will help provide food, beverages and fuel for the workers during our work project. .Extreme Terrain



                                                        WINTER  RIDE


The club held it's annual Winter Ride on Saturday, November 10 2018,  at BBQ Flats.. Folks met  for donuts and then started the ride at 9:30 am. There were 23 machines on the ride and about 35 riders in all. The group traveled 43 miles up and around Funny Rocks / Moon Rocks.  At the conclusion of the riding, the group enjoyed steak and chicken with all the trimmings. A good time was had by all.....





                                                  SUMMER RIDE/ DINNER


 CQS members met in the Ahtanum on Saturday Aug 29 for a great summer ride. Twenty three riders rode the Ahtanum and then folks met back at camp for a very nice BBQ. The group enjoyed steak, chicken and all the trimmings.   Several folks camped out for the weekend.  It was a a great time.






Club elections were held  August  2019. There were no at large nominations so Ted, Carol and Loraye remain in their positions for two more years. All other officers will remain the same.




                                           CLUB CLEAN-UP


In early October several club members met in the Ahtanum snow park for a cleanup detail. The day was spent gathering debris from along the trails/roadsides/borrow pits. Several  bags of litter were collected and deposited in the dumpster at the snow park. Thank you to all members who particpated in this worthwhile project to keep our riding areas beautiful. The DNR folks were most appreciative of the



                                             HIGHWAY LITTER CONTROL PROJECT

Our club has volunteered to assist the State of Washington in it's litter  control efforts. For the next three (3) years the Cascade Quad Squad will work to help manage and control a four (4) mile section of highway. Our project area will begin at the traffic light on Highway 12 near Gleed and continue two (2) miles toward Naches. We will maintain both sides of the highway for a total of four miles. Club members will be called upon three or four times annually to assist in this effort. The Cascade Quad Squad is to be commended on this public service project.




                                                             CLUB RIDES

Nearly every weekend someone in the club is scheduling a ride. If you are interested in riding be sure to check your email or contact a club member regarding an upcomong activity. You can also use the contact us button on the club website to post any questions that you might have.  



                         REGULARLY SCHEDULED MEETINGS

 WHEN: 7:00pm on the second Tuesday of each month.

 WHERE: Round Table Pizza located next to Fred Meyers on 40th Ave.


                                           CORPORATE MEMBERS

We thank our Corporate Members for their support. Our members are encouraged  to frequent those businesses and support them when possible. Please visit our Corporate Members tab on our website.